Bashundhara Employment Services

Bashundhara Employment Services (BES) was founded by a highly experienced professional in the manpower sector, Mr. Aminur Rahman Majumder who is the Managing Director of the diversified business conglomerate. With the hard work of countless creative and dedicated staff members, the tireless efforts of a world-class support team and the undying customer loyalty, the company has become one of the most prominent and experienced one in the manpower sector at present in Bangladesh. The business initially started off with (skilled/semi-skilled/ unskilled) manpower supply in Middle Eastern since then it has diversified its portfolio with the inclusion of other business ventures. Bashundhara Employment Service’s business strategy has always been the continual progress of existing operations and a steady search for new ventures. Today, BES has already expanded the business in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and proceeding further to Iraq and Bahrain.

Our Mission and Objective have led us to deliver the best service to our Clients in recruitment consultancy and other related services. Within a very short span of time, we have supplied more than thousand human resources in various major organizations in the mid-eastern region for their ongoing projects.

At BES, we consistently hit the mark in our recruiting efforts because we dedicate the resources to understand and appreciate candidate and client requirements as well as those needed to recruit and source qualified candidates. We also validate every candidate and every requirement through a rigorous documentation process that ensures that we only work with quality requirements and quality candidates ensuring that all parties involved in the process are working towards the same conclusion. All of our staff are committed to providing a comprehensive, effective recruitment agencies services and are able to cope with every recruitment need & we help creating employment opportunities.

Our drive for excellence, dedication to work and commitment with our Clients has helped us to do business with a lot of reputed organizations in the mid-eastern region. We always believe that perfection has no end and that is why we always try to go further from where we are right now. We have established a wide span of associate offices in the major cities of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Vietnam, Poland, Kenya etc.

Safety and Security Training

Applicants will be given basic training on procedure to follow when major accidents occur or during emergencies, specific trade hazards etc. They will be trained to use emergency equipment like fire extinguisher, smoke alarm etc.



Workers are deployed within 10 days upon receipt of work visa. We arrange their travelling ticket and other government formalities.

Trade Test

A trade test is given to each craftsman covering his specific trade. The test includes both theoretical and practical knowledge of the trade such as identification and manipulation of tools belonging to the specific trade, details knowledge of the trade etc. Workmanship trade testing is undertaken in technical centers which are approved by the local government.

Final Selection

Final selection is normally done by the representatives from the client’s side. A series of tests and personal interviews are done with the client representative before confirming the workers’ offer of employment.

Why Choose Us?

Copies of certificates and diploma from recognized technical and trade schools as well as certificates employment reference will be collected during pre selection and will from part of the personal file each candidate.

Vaccination prescribed by medical authorities of this country and by the world health organization forms a part of document of employee.

After receiving the original work permit within 21 days, we organize the traveling ticket, documents, and send prior information flight details to the employer.

Our Clients